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3 pictures of homesteading optins: a grey metal bucket with the word compost on it, an artisan soap wrapped in pager and lace and several jars full of cucumbers being picked.

Green Cloud Nine

Unlock Your Path to a Simpler, Eco-Friendlier Life.

  • Our collection of trendy & innovative DIYs and Ready-To-Use products, are aimed to actively engage and empower you to embrace the lifestyle that you and our planet truly deserve.
  • We blend eco-friendly traditions from the past and cutting-edge technology to offer you a unique and enriching experience that allows you to live sustainably without sacrificing convenience or style.

Become a Modern Homesteader

Homesteading means being self-sufficient and taking control of your sustainable lifestyle. It's a growing trend that gives urban households the freedom to shape their own way of living. By embracing homesteading, you gain independence, spark innovation, and find creative solutions for everyday life.

Someone's hands cutting mushrooms from a self-growing pack
Grow your own food

You don't have to be a farmer or own a garden to grow your own food anymore. If you live in an apartment, try using smart growing kits, vertical gardens, or hydroponic systems.

Don't worry if it seems overwhelming. We're here to help you every step of the way!

Female hands placing a dry rose on a pink soap  mould
Do It Yourself

Making your own wine, soap, or even cosmetics is easy, fun and a great activity to do alone or in company. 

And hey, if DIY is not your thing, we've a great selection of ready-made items from our trusted suppliers.

Food waste being composted manually, a pair of hands are grabbing composted earth.
Zero-Waste home

Want to make a difference & reduce your footprint? Start easy, minimising waste and embracing sustainable choices!

Get on board with durable, reusable items, explore smart appliances, or dive into the art of making your own preserves.

Green Cloud Nine. The shop for the modern homesteader

Sustainability done your way!


Take control of your lifestyle and the decisions you make


We bring you the latest technology  innovations and DIY at the service of sustainability. 


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Meet our founder,
Lola Fernandez

A lifelong nature lover and environmental activist, Lola has been passionate about homesteading since her teenage years.

She is continuously experimenting and forging her own path towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

"I want Green Cloud Nine to empower others and make a positive impact on the world."

Check out her blog for more insights and inspiration.

Sustainability made easy.

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