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  • Going sustainable doesn’t have to be an overwhelming change. No matter how small, simple changes in your routine can benefit the planet without compromising your comfort.
  • Green Cloud Nine offers sustainable solutions from homesteading tools and DIY to ready-to-use products.

Modern Homesteading explained

Homesteading lifestyle implies self-sufficiency: agriculture, home preserves, sewing etc. Nowadays, homesteading is a growing trend amid the city lifestyle that provide households the autonomy and power to control their sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, homesteading stimulates innovation and creative household solutions.

Grow your food

You can totally rock growing your own food in your apartment with awesome smart kits, vertical gardens, and hydroponic systems.

Feeling a bit intimidated? No worries, we've got your back! Become a pro at growing your own fresh goodies!

Do It Yourself

Have a blast making your own wine, soap, or even cosmetics! It's easy, fun, and the perfect activity to enjoy alone or with friends. 

But hey, if DIY isn't quite your thing, no worries at all! We've got you covered with a fantastic selection of ready-made items from our trusted suppliers. 

Zero-Waste home

Minimizing your footprint and reducing waste is an awesome way to make a positive impact.

Opt for durable and reusable items, give apartment composters a try, or dive into the world of making your own preserves. 

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