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COMING SOON! A curated collection of trendy and innovative DIYs and Ready-To-Use products to make it easier to live sustainably.

Our Vision 

We envision a world where traditional trends and cutting edge technology empower individuals and communities to live sustainably and with freedom to shape their own lifestyles.

Our Mission

We simplify access to high quality, eco-friendly products and information to enable our users to live the lifestyle they want & deserve without compromising our planet.

Our Values

We believe that each of us should have the freedom to experience sustainability in our own way, without feeling guilty or the need to be perfect all the time. 

We also believe in supporting each other in achieving our goals and making an impact.




Sense of Community
& Collaboration


The Team

Diversity is the word that best defines our team. Composed of many talented and multi-faceted people from over 20 different nationalities, we are different in many ways, but we have even more in common.

Lola Fernandez
Founder & CEO

Nature lover and environmental activist since she was a teenager, Lola has always been a great fan of homesteading. Continuously experimenting and finding her own way to be more self-sufficient and sustainable. 

“I want Green Cloud Nine to help others feel empowered & make a positive difference in the world”.

Lola Fernandez, founder of Green Cloud Nine, standing in front of a lake, with her thumbs in her jeans

Our commitment to transparency

Impact Areas

We commit to be as transparent as possible about the products we offer you. For that we incorporate the following impact areas. 

You can learn more about each category by clicking on the icons below.

Organic Raw Material
Recycled, Upcycled, Second-Hand
Durable &
Extended Life
 Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable
Handmade &
Made To Order
Produced Regionally
Fair & Social
Resource &
Energy Efficient

Our Sustainability Strategy

At Green Cloud Nine we look to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the guiding principles for our work. Our strategy focuses on the three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, economic). We have prioritized the four SDGs that we can impact the most:

Our Goals

Eliminate, Reduce, Compensate

To achieve our company goals, we follow a simple approach: eliminate, reduce, and compensate for our impacts. 

We eliminate activities like excessive printing. We reduce our impact through remote work and prioritizing train travel. And for any remaining impact, we compensate by supporting sustainable development projects.

We are setting goals in the 4 key areas of Sustainable Development:


We aim to be a zero-waste company. Minimize our carbon emissions & compensate what we cannot eliminate through CO2 offsetting projects. 


Sustainability is a key part of Green Cloud Nine’s business strategy. We have a diverse, international team and our ethical values are present in all our relationships.


We provide educational opportunities on sustainability through our blog & webinars. We also engage in volunteering & donations to support sustainable development in our community and throughout the world.


By helping sustainable businesses to grow, and local communities to prosper, Green Cloud Nine will prove that sustainability & circular economy can be profitable.

Sustainability made easy.

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We listen to you.

Send us your suggestions, ideas or questions below. 

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1. Organic Raw Material

Organically produced materials contribute to the long term preservation of resources by effectively reducing CO2 and the usage of damaging chemicals (pesticides, fertilisers...) that contribute to global warming.

2. Recycled, Upcycled, Second-Hand

We refer to products that are using waste or already used materials to produce new ones. Recycling usually involves the destruction of the old material, while, upcycling is a creative process, that using a variety of techniques can transform waste into something new of higher value. 
Second-hand allows to extend the life of a product under a new ownership.

3. Durable & Extended Life

Products made from naturally robust and durable materials and processed through qualitative sustainable manufacturing, allowing them to be used for extended periods of time. 
Producers stand behind their products offering either longer guarantee periods than the standard, the option to repair/mend or with replaceable spare parts for high wear components.

4. Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable

Products are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable if at the end of their useful lives, they become a resource again. This could be either as a raw material for other products or by being returned to the earth, and decomposing into nutrients for plants and animals.

5. Handmade & Made To Order

Products created by craftspeople and artisans all over the world. They are therefore full of cultural richness and frequently using traditional techniques.
Each piece will be unique and often made to order, challenging the standardisation of mass production and contributing to the reduction of waste.

6. Vegan

In line with the vegan philosophy, products under this category will not contain any component originating or deriving from animals. That includes any animal-based products such as 
beeswax or wool.

6. Pollution-Reduced Production

This label is particularly relevant for children and allergy sufferers. Products labeled under this category, are either free of pollutants or low-pollutant in their production & components. 


8. Produced Regionally

Regionality supports the survival and growth of small and medium sized companies, promoting cultural individuality. It is an important element within a sustainable economy and can have a positive impact on environmental footprint through the reduction of transport. 

9. Fair & Social

This label is particularly relevant to support small producers in developing countries, ensuring that their work and products are purchased at a fair price. This allows them to maintain a sustainable production, decent employment conditions & wages, and good social standards. 
Social also refers to the engagement of the company in the community, including support or participation in local social projects, or work integration of disadvantaged minorities.

10. Resource & Energy Efficient

Products produced considering optimised processes, such as the usage of recycled/waste raw materials, water or renewable energy sources. Through a conscious environmental management of the production, these products help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and are more 
environmentally friendly. 

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